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Our teams apply and intersect data and technology to build solutions that power prosperity around the world.

16 Development sites
50M Customers
75+ Open source repos
4,000 Technologists

Cutting-Edge Technology

Using AI and cloud-based technologies to build a global financial platform

We're creating a secure platform that solves our customer's most important problems and creates connections to financial experts to give everyone the opportunity to prosper.
  • Helping customers make data-driven decisions

    We identify patterns in our customers’ data to help them find new insights that saves more money in their pocket or more time in their day. We apply data-driven automation to remove the drudgery out of common financial tasks. We’re also pioneering different methodologies in predictive intelligence.


    When we applied advanced machine learning to a dataset of over a billion transactions of QB users, expense categorization accuracy improved to 80%. By comparing your habits to thousands of users with similar habits, our algorithm automatically categorizes transactions, without you doing anything.

    Customer Care

    We're using NLP to identify and classify topics and themes from customer feedback more efficiently. Through topic modeling in customer care call transcripts, we can understand the key issues customers are facing, and use these insights to more efficiently answer and address their concerns.

    Digitally encoding business logic and compliance rules

    We're blending knowledge engineering that codifies expertise in our domain with data-driven machine learning in a way that no company has ever done before. Our core tax product is powered by our knowledge engine, and we are experimenting with expanding this foundation to all of our products.

  • Creating humanized, mobile-first experiences

    Using emerging human-computer interfaces, we’re humanizing our technology so people interact more naturally and make better decisions about managing their money.

    TurboTax Mobile

    We're continually evolving in the mobile space, leveraging device capabilities for solutions like TurboTax mobile which helps people file their taxes on mobile devices. Using CUI, customers can access a wealth of easy answers as well as expertise via a live one-way video connecting to a tax expert.

  • Cloud-Based Financial Platform

    We are incredibly excited about the opportunities the public cloud provides. We envision a future where developers and partners can build on top of and integrate into our platform to create a powerful ecosystem that provides an easy-to-use solution for customers.

    Cloud Migration

    We are one of the first and largest financial platform companies to migrate to the public cloud. We have migrated ~400 applications with complex frameworks with highly sensitive information in 6 years. This successful migration allows us to scale and improve our customer and developer experience.

    Kubernetes Team

    In one year, our team operationalized 150 clusters running 1,900+ services across several business units, solving many commons issues for teams deploying the technology. The solutions were shared with the broader Kubernetes community and the team was awarded the presigious CNCF “Top End User Award”.

Build with Us

We believe in partnering with the open source community to share and scale our innovations externally

Through our open source and QuickBooks Online API we are sharing expertise and setting technical standards for the industry.

Intuit open source projects

Open Source

We believe in tapping into and sharing knowledge back to the open source community to solve our customers’ most pressing financial problems more quickly.

Members of our engineering team have open sourced many projects like Karate that enables simpler web services testing automation.

 Developers and Partners

Developers and Partners

As we made the transition to the public cloud, mobile, and cloud native technologies, our developer group opened QuickBooks Online to the community. The QuickBooks Online accounting API is a RESTful API that can help you build apps for 4.2M+ small businesses.

Learn key accounting concepts and explore our SDKs and other resources to integrate your time tracking, inventory management, and other business apps with QuickBooks Online.

Learn more about our open source & API technologies

We lead in co-creating cross-platform technologies and integrations, and share that expertise back to the community, continuously setting the technical standard for the industry.

Engineering Culture

Our tech community is learning, growing, and innovating every day

We've developed a culture of experimentation, global engineering events, and tech initiatives that helps diverse teams of talented technologists solve complex problems with global impact.
  • We are empowering a global engineering community

    We empower teams to take risks, push boundaries, and generate code that transforms financial management. Our goal is a global work environment that contributes to the broader developer community and engages top talent in all aspects of the engineering lifecycle. Events like Global Engineering Days and Tech Con assemble the global tech community to learn, share, and inspire through collaboration activities, technology tracks, and code challenges.

    Not a Hackathon!

    Global Engineering Days is a time for technologists, to focus solely on areas of passion – a bug they are eager to fix, a feature they’ve wanted to add, a tool we need to integrate, a flow that needs fixing. It's designed to foster autonomy, mastery and purpose in our engineering community

    Intuit Global Technology Conference

    An internal Intuit event for technologists, run by technologists, TechCon is a day dedicated to giving our Intuit tech community time to learn, share, inspire, and become inspired together.

    Supporting Diversity & Inclusion

    TWI is an internal initiative focusing on attracting, retaining and advancing women technologists. Our goal is for Intuit to be the #1 choice for women technologists, where women are empowered and diversity is embraced. TWI includes workshops, strategic programming, community building, and more!

  • Our innovation methodologies accelerate learning

    At Intuit, it’s everyone’s job to create, invent, and look for new and better ways to improve our customers’ lives. Design for Delight (D4D) is how we innovate at Intuit. It's a 3 principle approach: Deep Customer Empathy, Go Broad to Go Narrow, and Rapid Experiments with Customers. D4D’s goal is to help teams to be bold by going beyond customer expectations, evoking positive emotion throughout the customer experience, and delivering dramatic improvements in our customers’ lives.

  • Supporting diversity, growth, and prosperity

    Our tech programs provide opportunity for technologists and customers, to take part in our mission of powering prosperity around the world while demonstrating our core values and beliefs.

    Supportive pathway back into the technology workforce

    The Intuit Again returnship program is designed to be a pathway into a full-time career allowing you to work on a team to refresh your skills and apply your newly learned skills in a supportive, structured 16-week program.

    Powering Prosperity of Startups

    A personal eco-system for startups that facilitates business growth and knowledge through smart-tech. Helping startups through Mentorship and Integram programs.

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